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Benefits art therapy

Art Therapy Benefits

General Benefits of Art Therapy:

Allows clients to communicate what is sometimes difficult to put into words

Help clients feel understood

Art therapy helps clients gain skills and a sense of achievement, providing ownership of their successes

Encourages clients to build trust in a safe environment

Helps clients increase their self-esteem and self respect

Assists clients in gaining a new, more objective perspective on their challenges or difficult life circumstances

Art therapy allows clients to begin to experiment with change that can later be applied outside the therapy room

Provides a safe outlet for feelings such as fear, guilt, pain, rage and anger

Encourages clients to make positive choices and to gain hope for the future

Encourages clients to tap into their inner power and use their existing strengths to build further skills which can help them manage difficult emotions and circumstances


Art therapy can help children to process:

Experiences of grief, loss or separation


Life transitions

Injury/ accidents

Birth of a sibling

Parental separation/ divorce


Disabilities physical, learning or invisible

Emotional issues (fear, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, anger, etc.)

Behavioural issues (aggression, withdrawal, impulsivity, tantrums, mutism etc.)

Being in foster care or being adopted

Family reunification

Art therapy can help teens to process:

Unresolved conflicts in family relationships

Developmental challenges


Life transitions and changes



Substance abuse

Eating disorders

Disabilities physical, learning or invisible

Questions surrounding identity

Social concerns

Emotional issues

 Art therapy can help adults to process:

Life transitions and changes (birth of children, career changes, children leaving

home, changing family dynamics, significant milestones like birthdays or anniversaries, etc.)

Experiences of grief and loss

Managing stress and anxiety

Learning and practicing self care

Unresolved conflicts in family relationships


Emotional issues


Injury/ accidents

Feeling stuck or despair

Art therapy can help older adults to process:

Experiences of grief and loss

Changing physical abilities

Emotional processing of medical diagnoses

Life transitions and changes (retirement,moving,etc.)

Transitioning to long term care or assisted living

Feelings of isolation or loneliness


Life review

Death anxiety

Creating a personal legacy