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Gem came into our lives in July 2016. Until then she had grown up as a puppy in the Brecon Beacons in Wales.

Her Welsh Mom Beth, had trained Gem to work as a therapy dog in retirement homes.

When we met Gem for the first time it was clear that she loved other dogs’ company and people.


Since Gem was already working in therapy it was clear that she was the right choice for HEAL.

Gem is loved by everyone who meets her. She has made lots of friends in the community. She often gets spoiled when we walk into Bridgnorth town and gets free Shropshire ham and sausages!

Gem is happiest when she is working and helping others, here are some pictures that show some of the activities she gets up to.

gem the aat dog gem the animal assisted therapy dog gem the animal assisted therapy dog gem the aat dog social and emotional development dog training social and emotional development

Social & Emotional Development Programme

Working with children and young adults with a variety of educational, social, emotional and behavioural learning needs.

Designing an agility course using household objects

Developing awareness of others and understanding emotions

(in the picture Jake and Gem bonding while learning commands)


The Importance of Positive Communication:

Learning how eye contact and use of voice enforces positive communication with others

(in the picture Jake practising ‘stay’ and basic agility)

Learning activities that are fun and engaging to support individual needs:

(in the picture - Winning & Losing - emotional intelligence workshop)

Emotional Intelligence Work dog agility social and emotional development Feelings and Emotions Work gem the animal assisted therapy dog

Reflection on feelings and emotions:

(in the picture-‘”How Gem helps me”)