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Music Therapy  

Heal offers a range of music therapy services. The music therapy programme is individualised to suit the individual needs of the student. Music therapy particularly benefits students with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Music therapy also helps to support clients that are struggling with confidence and self expression.


Our Services music therapy animal assisted therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy (Canine and Equine)

The benefits of using Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) are becoming more accepted as a therapeutic device to support children and young adults.  Often the use of animals helps remove barriers to learning, allowing clients to relax.  For many clients the presence of ‘Gem’, our 1 year old Bearded Collie, offers a source of comfort, often which helps them engage fully with the programme. CLICK HERE FOR BENEFITS.

creative writing

Creative Writing

Creative writing has a multitude of benefits, often creative writing is used to tackle emotional difficulties and mental health issues. Creative writing is a fun way of supporting clients with social and communication issues. Journal work also helps clients to reflect on their own feelings. Rap can also be used as a form of expression and is a useful tool when tackling sensitive issues.  CLICK HERE FOR BENEFITS.

Art Therapy

Art therapy helps support a range of learners.  Learners who experience difficulty with confidence and communication particularly benefit.  Art therapy can be used as an expressive tool in which to support the learner socially, emotionally and academically.


art therapy tutoring


HEAL offers a broad range of personal tutor programmes (ages 5+ including SEND students) subjects offered:

Maths, English Literature, English Language, GCSE English, Drama, Specialised 1:1 SEND programmes.


work placements

Work Placements

HEAL are able to offer work placements (on completion of a HEAL 16+ programme).

Placements are available for SEND and mainstream students in Shropshire.   CLICK HERE FOR BENEFITS.

consultancy speech and language therapy


Heal provides a broad range of training programmes (Suitable for SEND organisations, primary, secondary and PRU – Pupil Referral Units) which include:

Benefiting from Therapeutic Delivery

Developing A Creative Curriculum

Using Animals to Teach Successfully

Behaviour management

How to be a GRADE 1 SEND department

HEAL are able to deliver tailor made programmes to suit your organisations individual needs  

Speech and Language

If your child has targets set by a Speech and Language Therapist then HEAL Ltd can introduce you to an Independent Assistant Speech and Language Therapy Practitioner, who is able to offer a prompt, reliable service working 1:1 with your child.

If you have received resources with little or no explanation then they can make these into fun activities and adapt them to suit your child.